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The quality carpet from Miyabi casa offers almost no limits in variety, design and application and is the first choice for furnishing private, commercial or public buildings.
It offers comfort, sophistication and image without compromising any of its practical qualities.

A carefully planned care and cleaning program creates the precondition for preserving the aesthetic and functional advantages of a carpet over the long term.
This programme should be drafted already when the carpet is selected or at the latest prior to installation.
A well-maintained carpet creates an appealing, attractive environment and with it an advantageous working climate that benefits everyone.
Correct and proper care will pay for itself through longer retention of value and delay of the need to make a new purchase.
In order to preserve the quality of the high-grade textile floor covering from Miyabi casa, you must take into account the material composition, the carpet construction, carpet backing and the method of installation when selecting your care and cleaning procedure.

These care and cleaning instructions are based on our most up-to-date knowledge integrating the experiences of the German Carpet Research Institute e.V. (TFI) as well as Paul Geißler GmbH (central office of the Professional Association of German Carpet Cleaners) and does not claim to be exhaustive. The statements made in these instructions only take into account the material composition of our carpets.
Damages to the carpet and/or unsatisfactory cleaning results due to improper cleaning and/or spot removal methods and procedures will not be recognized as legitimate grounds for a complaint and are not deemed defects in the goods in warranty terms.
This also applies if the cleaning schedule that we recommend is not followed.

Basic and/or intensive cleaning as well as intermediate and/or surface cleaning should only be performed by a business specializing in carpet cleaning.

Clean walking zones: A carpet necessarily needs to be protected from the accumulation of dirt from the very start by setting up clean running zones in the entryways and the problem areas (from hard flooring onto textile flooring/ from production into management areas). You will enjoy the best success by installing coarse and fine dirt-catching mats.
Daily cleaning is absolutely necessary in order to keep these clean walking zones from becoming a source of dirt themselves.
This stamp pad effect can also occur if wax-based products are not used in the daily care of hard floor coverings.

Regular vacuuming is without doubt the most important part of an optimal carpet care programme.
Dust removal serves to loosen the pigment contamination form the surface and the spaces in the fabric by means of mechanical action (beating, brushing, vacuum brushing) and vacuuming off the loosened pigment. The best results are obtained with brush-equipped vacuum cleaners with high-performance brushing and vacuum effect (with soft brushes); one must pay attention to the proper brush height setting and a systematic through method.
A basic precondition for the proper function of brush-equipped vacuum cleaners is regular maintenance, especially of their brushes, filters (advantageous: micro-filters) and bags.

Maintaining consistent intervals is absolutely vital:
- Areas that see a lot of wear such as entryways, reception areas, restaurants, elevators, corridors and clean walking zones should be cleaned with a brush-equipped vacuum daily.
- Areas subject to moderate wear such as conference rooms, offices, side rooms, should be vacuumed as needed but at least every other day.
Only this can prevent premature deformation of the flooring in high-traffic routes and wheelchair areas.

The sooner a spot is treated, the greater the chance you can remove it! Stain removal encompasses locally restricted processing of spots and contaminants. This step is an indispensable part of daily routine cleaning. If spots are treated immediately with the appropriate agent, complete remove is usually no problem. An exception here is found in spotting substances that have bleaching or coloring effects that cannot be removed without leaving traces without attacking the surface.
Light dirt areas and spots can be removed in most cases with lukewarm water and an absorbent towel (white cotton). Remnants of the installed carpet are even better at removing dirt. Do not rub, but press down on the spot and turn outward from the inside. A micro-fiber glove can be of assistance here.
Staining substances that contain solvents (chewing gum, paraffin, etc.) can be removed dry without damaging the pile surface by using a blunt-edged object (e.g. a spoon). You can remove the residue substance with spot remover.
Please make sure however that whatever spot remover you use is safe to use by testing it on a place that is not visible or is hidden. The manufacturer accepts no liability for improper handling.
All chemicals applied to the carpet must be removed without leaving residue in order to prevent rapid re-accumulation of dirt.
Do not use bleaches or products that contain bleaches since they cause discoloration or loss of color in the textile fibers.
In general always keep cleaning agents out of reach of children and animals!
Should you find our previously listed instructions unhelpful, we recommend that you all one of our cooperating partners who will have our most up-to-date spot remover table.

Surface cleaning encompasses cleaning the entire area in the upper pile region. It is not a replacement for intensive cleaning and can only postpone it.
Regardless of the cleaning procedure, a test cleaning must generally be carried out.
The following procedures are recommended: CLEANING WITH PRE-FABRICATED FOAM
In this cleaning procedure a standing foam is massaged into the carpet using rollers or injecting machines. After a drying time of around 5 hours, the carpet must be thoroughly vacuumed again.

The advantage of this cleaning procedure is that the carpet areas hardly need any time to dry and can be walked on very soon.
The moist cleaning power is evenly applied to the carpeted floor using a roller or by hand and worked in using a brushing roller machine. The loosened dirt is picked up by the cleaning powder and bound. After the powder dries, the carpeted floor must be vacuumed with a brush-equipped vacuum. This will remove most of the accumulated dirt and the powder without leaving residue.

First, a cleaning agent is applied using a pressure sprayer.
Dirt is removed from the surface through a rotating injection machine with a cloth pad underneath it and is caught in the pad (use of a micro-fibre pad by untrained personnel can lead to damage to the piles). Then the carpet is vacuumed with a brush-equipped vacuum.
Drying time: around 1 to 2 hours (depending on type of covering).

Intensive cleaning encompasses cleaning the entire surface of a textile floor in the entire pile region. It should be carried out by a specialized company at least once a year or as needed. Regardless of the cleaning procedure used, a test cleaning should also be carried out here, generally.
Depending on the degree of soiling in the carpet, systems may need to be combined. Important factors in the selection of a cleaning procedure are the composition of the floor, construction of the sub-surface, means of installation and available drying time.

Loose dirt is vacuumed up with a counter-rotating brush roller machine. After pre-stain removal is completed, one sprays a low-ten side cleaning product on the carpet. With the help of a spray extraction machine, the loosened dirt will be rinsed out of the textile floor covering through pressure and an adequate amount of rinsing water.
Important! Do not put any cleaning product in the spray extraction machine!
Repeated rinsing with clean water
- Drying time of at least 12 hours
- Unsuitable for floor structures that are sensitive to water
- In the case of carpet floor tiles, spray extraction over the entire carpeted surface is excluded, in some areas with low moisture retention it is possible.
- Unsuitable for self-laying floor covering constructions (e.g. tiles)

The loose dirt is vacuumed up with a counter-rotating brush rolling machines. Following the pre-stain removal , a cleaning fluid is worked into the carpet by means of an injection machine or roller machine.
After a short contact time, the bound dirt is rinsed upward and vacuumed way in the same step using a spray extraction machine with adequate water flow rate.
Important! Use of de-hydrated crystalline carpet shampoos and/or low-surfactant cleaning products in the pre- shampooing phase.
- No additional cleaning product in the spray extraction machine
- Repeated rinsing with clean water
- Drying time rarely less than 20 hours
- The instructions given for carpet floor tiles under spray extraction must be heeded
- Completely unsuitable for water-sensitive floor structures

TEP-TOP-Clean® is a system developed specially and exclusively for intensive carpet cleaning.
Loose surface dirt or dirt that is not ground in is vacuumed off using a counter-rotating brush-equipped vacuum cleaner. Following the pre-stain removal , an environmentally friendly enzyme solution is evenly applied to the carpet. The dirt is loosened by the actual cleaning process and it is picked up by a specialised cleaning pad. Here the interior construction of the cleaning machine provides a constant build- up of heat (thermo-electrically) to approximately 30°C.
Then the carpet is vacuumed with a brush-equipped vacuum cleaner in order to straighten up and align the piles.
This patented procedure is recommended by all manufacturers and is ideal for correct care from the very beginning.
- No chemical residues thanks to the use of FDT® enzyme cleaner.
- No rapid re-accumulation of dirt
- Can be walked on immediately
- Eco-friendly thanks to a 96% savings of potable water
- Economical thanks to the reduction of consumption costs

As a way of thanking you for your good decision, our premium Miyabi casa carpet will carry you through the coming years– we look forward to seeing you again!

Miyabi casa relies on the know-how and the procedures of Paul Geißler GmbH (FDT) Central Office of the Professional Association of German Carpet Cleaners.